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Paragon Foundation's Destination: Space! web launch pad. Our home page.

Contact Us
Contact information and email link(s) for the Paragon Foundation. Go to this page if you would like to get in touch with us.

Learning Contests
News and information about Paragon-sponsored student learning contests.

Information about upcoming Paragon events, such as displays of the Dragoon Rocket and other exhibits or shows.

Information for teachers and educators who are interested in using or submitting space and science-related educational plans or teaching tools.

Photo Gallery
Pictures from the Paragon Foundation Photo Gallery. These include shots of the Dragoon Rocket as it is being made. Visit often-the photo gallery will soon have pictures of the launch!

Interested in helping out with the Dragoon Rocket or assisting with an event? Visit our Volunteer Page...

Educational and other links to space and science-related sites.

A question and answer page. Also known as a "faq" file.

Support Us
Would you like to make a donation or other charitable contribution to the Paragon Foundation? Please visit our Support Us page to find out how you can help.

Dragoon Rocket
Information about the Dragoon Rocket.

Our Mission
The mission and goals of the Paragon Foundation.

Our Sponsors
A list of current Paragon Contributors and Sponsors.

Destination: Space!
Find out more about the Destination: Space project

Get your Paragon gear here! T-Shirts, Caps, etc....

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