Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:
Q: How high will the Dragoon Rocket go?
A: Good question. How high the rocket will fly depends on the weight of the payload. For this flight, the rocket will reach an altitude of about 350,000 feet. That's about 66 miles up!

Q: Where exactly is space and will the rocket get to space?
A: Another good question. Space is defined by NASA as 50 nautical miles of altitude (or, about 304,000 feet). Since we are flying to 350,000 feet, we will be going to space!

Q: What is the rocket's propulsion system?
A: The rocket is powered by solid rocket propellant. We have about 250 pounds of propellant, so most of the rocket is the motor!

Q: How fast will the Dragoon Rocket go?
A: The rocket will go about 6,000 feet per second. That is about 6 times the speed of sound, and more than a mile every second! At that speed, the rocket could travel around the world in about 6 hours.

Q: How much does the Dragoon Rocket weigh?
A: The rocket weighs about 450 pounds at liftoff

Q: What is the Dragoon Rocket made of?
A: Most of the rocket is made from aluminum and stainless steel.

Q: Is the Dragoon Rocket painted?
A: Actually, no. The color is added to the aluminum that the rocket is made out of during a process known as anodizing. During this process, dye is added, which gives the aluminum its color.

Q: Will you be able to get the rocket back after its flight?
A: Yes. The rocket is equipped with a parachute so that we can recover it.

Q: Can I help out?
A: Absolutely! We're always looking for helpful hands. If you'd like to help, please get in touch with us.

Q: Can we fly our own payload on the rocket?
A: Sure! If you have an idea for a payload that you think would be a good one for the Dragoon Rocket, tell us about it, and you just might get your very own ride to space!

Q: Can someone from Paragon come talk to our class?
A: That's exactly what we want to do! We want to get as many people excited about space, math, science, and technology as we can!

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